In the past, we used to pair up and offer consulting on scanning and other document related processes. Now that most of us are retired, we use our energy toward researching solutions. We feel we are a think tank of sorts for this specific industry.

INVESTMENT & Banking Software

Creating the right investment portfolio takes research, an understanding of markets, and the right finiancial mangment software solutions. At American Association Imaging Group, we provide the right mix of industry knowlege and data to point you in the right direction.

Medical & Lab Managment Info

Our group has years of background information on AARP, MediCare and other healthcare lis laboratory solutions. 

This has proven to assist any orgnaization that has a board approval and initiative to do more within their healthcare space

Escrow Archive

Storing records in the basement was the original methods of what's known as "file retention".

If you need help assessing the right escrow document management solution, let our housing process experts help you today!


Having a roadmap for retirement includes a financial plan. Our investment managers and planners are available to help build a strategy so you can enjoy a preferable lifestyle once you retire or cease having a traditional earned income.