Types of stock market analysis a beginning investor should know

When you are into¬†stock market investing, it is important to learn do to basic stock market analysis. By learning how to analyze the market movement and able to follow what the market analysts are saying, you are way better of getting and making a well-informed investment strategy. Practicing analyzing the market while new to investing, makes one become more efficient in the long run. Generally, there a few types of stock market analysis and we will be explaining the basics below which will include the 2 most popular types of analyzing stocks, the¬†fundamental and technical analysis. Additionally, we will also cover some type of analysis which are not really popular but they can help a lot in case you want to use them. But, the mostly used types of analysis are the fundamental and technical, the others mentioned can be categorized under these two. Widely Used Stock Market Analysis Methods… Read more “Types of stock market analysis a beginning investor should know”