Tips and Tricks for Keeping Cool in a Heatwave

Looking to sleep better at night while there is a heatwave? In this piece of writing, we will be looking at the tips and tricks that will arm you against the turmoil heat of the summer or hot heatwave of the night. Not only will you be able to tackle it, but you will receive the uttermost pint of the joy of victory.

So, let’s dive into the list of tips.

Put your wet socks on

If you are in really hot weather, then it’s hot! It’s hotter than you can really imagine. The thing you can do is put your socks in some water or running water, rinse them, and put them on! Crazy, right? Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with this one. You will become cooler faster than you could.

Tune the AC

It might feel like you will never know how to use the air conditioning system. And the truth is that you are right. It needs the right person for it to serve you. An air conditioning system requires the right conditioning for it to work well. This means you know exactly what you are doing.

The recommended temperature is usually 78 Fahrenheit. If anything goes beyond that, please seek the help of an expert.

Spray your bed sheets with water

Please, read in between the lines carefully. It is a spray. Not pour. If you water on your bed, then it might be really hard sleeping on your bed for the rest of the night. There’s a difference between wet and damp. Wet makes your bed and linen really hard to sleep on. Damp makes it cool, especially when it’s already feeling like you are baked.

This dampness will give you the illusion that it is a little bit cooler than what you expected and can make you sleep better at night. The heat might be felt when you are deep in your third dream. And that typically happens in the morning.

Hit the cold shower

We know you hate this kind of shower. But what you need to know is that you are hot and the place you are in is also hot. Why do you want to get hotter? Getting hotter makes it even harder to live in the tropics – if you are in these conditions. Unless you have the perseverance and determination of a thousand people.

If that’s not you, then go out and take a cold shower. It will make you feel better and feel a little bit less steamy than before.

Avoid carbonated drinks


Anything with caffeine or even alcohol will be greatly punished by the tropic environment. When your body temperature is high, you will tend to lose more water because of sweating, faster heart rate, and breathing at a faster rate. If that’s the case, then you will need to replace the water body. Alcohol and any caffeinated product make you dehydrated and add damage to the scorching sun.

It’s better to have a water bottle on your hand and be prepared to hydrate when you feel thirsty.