Tips to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents at Work

Personal injuries can be liable to the organization or general manager of a company. Well, that’s if you have skilled representation from Jae Lee Law lawyers or any other specialists who know the ropes in the field. It is important not to overlook this aspect of accidents in a work environment, as it may affect employees’ productivity and satisfaction in a course of work. The situation is dire because approximately eight million people go to the emergency room due to slip and fall accidents. You can make use of these tips if you want to create a safe environment at work.

Use carpets and grip materials on slippery surfaces

We cannot blame janitors for making the floor wet. That is their work. To make this work easier and avoid the blame game, we need to have a fair warning sign for slippery floors. Also, using carpets can prevent the need to stress about the slippery surface. Grip materials can come in handy when put on entryways and where there is a change of direction. Users of the building can brush off mud, banana smudges, or water from their shoes before they proceed to walk in.

Railings on stairs are a cheap alternative on stairs as they provide support.


Accidents usually happen because of the element of surprise. Lighting helps one see the future before it happens. For example, good lighting will indicate the warning signs and potentially dangerous objects in the environment. This will create room for precautionary action before any kind of tragedy occurs.

A constant investigation should take place to see if there are any faulty or burnt-out bulbs that are to be replaced. This awareness of where things are and where you are going will prevent legal liability cases.

Employ basic housekeeping skills

The workplace is a home for employees and employers to do productive and creative work. This space needs a daily cleaning routine. Make sure to clean surfaces like tile and wood so that oil and water cannot cause any type of problem. The cleaning policies should not only apply to the janitors, but also to the employees. Small practices like organizing one’s desk or cleaning your cubicle can help to save time and increase general effectiveness.

Labeling wires and cables

With the continuous adaptation of technology, you need to be very careful with how you label wires and cables. The onset of confusion is when you are trying to connect your gadget, set up the internet connection, or configure the company’s personal computer. In the process, you get to mix up the wires. This can be a nuisance to other people if they are searching for a specific cable.

It is also better to put cables and wires inside walls or ceilings or use plastic tubing to solve the wiring chaos.

Prioritize safety

All guests and employees should follow established practices to keep them safe. Some of them include:

– Throw dirt and garbage into bins;

– Do not leave personal effects on floors or high shelves;

– Always wear shoes and shirts;

– Dispose of breakables after use. That includes cutlery;

– No eating or drinking in working areas like cubicles.

Be observant of the weather conditions

If it’s winter, you should have the snow in the parking lots removed. During rainy periods, you should request employees to change shoes upon entry to prevent the carrying of slippery components like mud and water.