Can Instagram Enhance Your Career?

Before making a decision on a potential hire, employers would ask for a candidate’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn account names to check on the type and the character of the hire. They would use this information to understand the candidate and vet them vis-à-vis the resume. However, a new kid has entered the block, Instagram.

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The place of Instagram in your career


First and foremost, you need to have an understanding of what Instagram offers and whether you can tap into the features it offers, complementing your career in the long run. For example, an advantage of Instagram Reels is that it allows a user to tell a story. You can use that to build up a sales pitch for your career as a makeup professional.

Instagram is quite the visual platform. Therefore, it is ideal for careers that sell tangible goods or whose services can be converted to a visual aspect. An example of such professions includes marketing, architecture, interior design, and real estate.

What do you post?

Your feed is a reflection of your personality and character. It is also an extension of your career. By viewing your posts, likes, and what you have shared, a potential employer has a feel of who you are.

A person will form an opinion from what you have posted. You can use your Instagram account to showcase your talents, any projects that you have taken part in over the years, and your influence in the professional community.

Do you remember the phrase the internet is forever? Even though you have the potential of deleting an Instagram post, someone may screenshot a post and repost it elsewhere. Therefore, be very careful about what you post on any social media platform.

We would recommend you limit the number of photos that you post at parties, live events, and outings. This may portray you in a negative light, and one may even claim that you are not as professional.

The power of commenting

With the introduction of social media, people were concerned that the social aspect of humanity would deteriorate over time. However, that has not been the case. People have been able to create and establish connections through social media. And that all starts with commenting on an Instagram photo or post.

The beauty about it is that you can now use Instagram influencers and other brands in paid partnerships. You can build up a story with an influencer that may create connections or bring new followers your way.

There is also the aspect of hashtags. People who are following the hashtags will see your account, peruse through it, and follow you when they like what they see.