How to Analyze Your Instagram Marketing

Ask yourself. Do you know where do you stand in terms of Instagram marketing? The importance of a good-performing Instagram account is immense as it will provide you an entrance to essential metrics. These metrics will help you in understanding what’s going on. You will learn more about Instagram collaborations here.

Why is it important to analyze your Instagram marketing?

Instagram is a vital tool for both small and big businesses. Therefore, seeing how well you’re doing to promote your business is essential as this is an era where everyone competes with everyone else.

Analyze the clicks on your bio link

When you use Instagram for business purposes, an essential metric is finding the number of people who clicked on your bio. By identifying these clicks, you can conclude how motivated your audience is. You can also use link services that will create new pages with multiple links. These links open when visitors click ok your bio. However, if you post too many links, people can get confused and not click on any link. The number of clicks on links is tracked by Instagram weekly.

Detect the number of shares and saves

The number of shares and saves are two essential metrics when it comes to analyzing your Instagram marketing. By this, you can learn more about Instagram collaborations. Therefore, you can identify the type of content your audience wants and which posts your audience is sharing and saving. Furthermore, people share content that is entertaining and content that has a crucial message. You may come across images that might have many likes but they may not show any shares or likes.

Analyze weekly profile visits

When people visit your Instagram account, it means they are interested in the posts you share. When people click on your page, they are encouraged to click on your bio and land on your website.

Keep an eye on  from individual posts

We are lucky that Instagram allows us to see which posts are helping us gain followers. By understanding this, one will be able to have an idea of the content he needs to create to get the attention of most people.

“Follow” metrics will tell you the increase in the number of your followers due to a single post.

Analyzing viewers by hashtags

You can analyze the efficiency of your post by seeing the number of impressions you receive from your hashtags. To view it, open a post and tap on View Insights. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the impressions you have received. You can also analyze by testing one hashtag at a time per post for an entire week. By this, you’ll be able to see the hashtags which attracted your audience the most. One way is to check one hashtag for a single post. Do this for a week and see the results.

In the final analysis, it can be concluded that when you run your business on Instagram, it is important to be updated with Instagram marketing. By studying the hashtags and other metrics, one can predict what kind of post he needs to post next. This shows the importance of being up to date regarding not only your Instagram but also your competitors.